Latest Better Body System Results

  • On my second BBS I have lost a total of 8lbs, and 3″ off my waist, and the first time was 10lbs and 5″ totaling 18lbs and 8″ on the better body system. I love the way I feel and my friends notice. “Yoli” means ” To Live”. I Love “YoliLife”!Joseph Mitchell
  • Per my friend Robby B. – “I’ve been kind of quiet about it lately but I’m still on the Better Body System by Yoli and doing great with it. This morning I weighed in at 293. That’s 33 lbs since January 27th!!! 65 lbs since September. Believe in it people!”Ben Kennedy
  • After 2 weeks on BBS I’ve lost 13lbs and about 9 all over inches. 3 off my waist alone! I still cant belive this is real! I’ve never felt better! Better Body Indeed!!!Yesenia Justiniano
  • Since December, I have lost an inch from each arm, 1 1/2 inches from my stomach and 17 pounds. I truly am not consistent, so if I was…. can you imagine all the inches and weight loss! What I love about Yoli, is not only the taste, and convenience, but I’m excited about the inches! Any weight loss program I’ve ever been on, has always been about the pounds lost, not the inches, this is inches without the GYM!Lori Blake
  • Just got a call from a customer who lost 50# using the BBS. When she ran out of product she decided to do it on her own and purchased some “Protein Shakes” at the store. She called today to say she went back to my site, purchased another Transformation kit! Not only was she NOT losing the weight, she felt miserable, bloated and had zero energy!! She is looking forward to getting her products and feeling better!! Yoli customer for life!Peggy Jeffries
  • Just moved into our new house and ALKALETE saved my husband and I!!! Super sore at night and by morning our bodies had recovered!!!! It is so great to test the power of Alkalete!!! Nothing else can compare!Kyle Shaffer
  • Sandy, my preferred customer, 3 months, down 33 pounds, 4 sizes, just ordered her 4th TK, and is asking about maintenance. She has tried every “diet” over last 20 years and has NEVER gotten results like this, effortlessly, quickly. She is so excited, and I’m so thrilled to have the BBS to make it all happen for her.Janice Stieglitz
  • Starting day 5 of a new week on the Better Body System and I am down 6 lbs! I love it! I have already lost 35 lbs previously so here we go again! 🙂Patricia Sanchez

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