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Is your body too acid?

Is your body too acid?

Just tell me what to do

You’re probably are aware that the body only functions well in a very narrow range of body temperature.  A body temperature of 98.6 degrees is normal. If it goes lower, you don’t feel so good, if it goes even a couple of tenths of a degree higher, you don’t feel well.  Three or four degrees higher might bring about convulsions and death. 

Well, the body also has another small range in which it can operate and that is it’s pH.  The optimum pH for the body fluids is  7.0.   

What is pH? Its a rating system.  pH  an acronym for “potential of hydrogen” is a value that indicates the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid. The measurement of the hydrogen ion concentrate in a liquid determines the pH value.  Every liquid has a pH value which falls on a scale between 0 and 14, with 7 being neutral.  A pH value less then 7 is acidic; values greater than 7 indicates alkalinity.   Examples:  Battery acid and vinegar – two very acidic liquids – have pH values on the lower end of the scale, while baking soda and ammonia, both of which are very alkaline, are on the higher end of the pH scale.  Pure water, meanwhile, has a pH value of 7 – it’s neither acidic or alkaline.

                                                                                       7   Water                    0__________Vinegar______________________|____________baking soda_____________________14



Keeping your Body’s pH in Balance 

Your body also has a pH value.  In fact, all your body fluids each have a pH value. The adult body is about 60% fluid. This fluid fills every cell, the spaces between cells, and so forth. This fluid can be neutral, acidic or basic. As far as can be determined the body functions best when these fluids are neutral which is to say neither acidic or basic. (7.0)

The blood that is a small proportion of the total body fluid is an exception being significantly more basic (7.3-7.4 pH), Don’t get confused by stomach acidity, or colon acidity as this is a totally different system then the internal system of the body. 

Setting aside the blood and the digestive system, the internal fluids of the body (60% of the total body weight) should be neutral. When these fluids are acidic, they are irritants. If 60% of the body is irritating the other 40% there is a chronic non-optimum situation.

How does the body get acid?

The body has natural mechanisms to eliminate acids.  It can handle the natural acids created by the body which are created in energy production and the process of rebuilding cells.   However, the extra acidity created by a poor diet has the body systems overwhelmed with a backlog of acids.  This pH (acidity/alkaline) is important to the health of living organisms.

What are the results of too much acidity?

The Japanese feel that the degenerative diseases as osteoporosis, cancers, arthritis, etc. are primarily due to acidosis (the system being too acid).

Based on testimonials, conditions, ranging from dandruff and fungus under the toe to diabetes and cancer have lessened or in some cases gone into full remission simply by achieving a proper acid/base balance.

When a body is acidic, it creates a welcoming environment for viruses and bacteria to come in and begin to flourish. As viruses and bacteria continue to flourish inside our body, we experience lack of energy, frequent illness and pains. If a person doesn’t do anything about changing the acidic state of the body, the situation can get worse. Virus or bacteria can mutate into a serious illness.

Conversely, bacteria and viruses perish in alkaline environment, because a pH balanced, or alkaline body doesn’t create the environment for viruses and bacteria to thrive and flourish. Thus, no bacteria or virus will enter an alkaline body, grow and mutate into serious illness or disease.

The bottom line is that we need to handle the reasons the body becomes acidic and there are some things that can be done.   Its not only the poor nutrition but the constant bombardment of the body by pollutants and poisons, chemicals that we either ingest, breath or put into our body daily..  


Daily poisons that bring about acidity

Have you looked at the chemicals that you put in your body.  Read the labels on the processed foods we eat.  aspartame,  phosphorus (as in soda), caffeine (binds up calcium so it can’t be used in the body).  They and others create an acidic state in body.

We are daily bombarding the body with poisons. 

Clothing, towels and bedding washed with this chemical retain it in the fabric.  Our body’s are wrapped in underwear and clothes impregnated with chemicals.   When we take a bath and have open pores we dry ourselves with towels laden with chemicals.   We wash dishes with these chemicals.   Carpets are cleaned with chemicals, glass windows and doors, floors that baby’s crawl on.

Many people exercise, follow a good diet, take nutritional supplements, control stress and do detoxification regimes, but they don’t look at the chemicals that they’re exposed to or using such as household cleaners, personal hygiene products, at home and in the work place.

Look at what your using and see how many products contain any of  these chemicals (there are more but below are the most prevalent)):

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – known to be carcinogenic – found in toothpaste, shampoo… etc. etc. 

Cocaminde DEA – know to be carcinogenic to animals – found in even the “natural” soap powders because its made from coconuts??,

Propylene Glycol – this is in antifreeze – implicated with contact dermatitis, etc.

Phenol – coal tar, causes nausea, convulsions, coma, etc.

Iodopropynl Butyl Carbamate – adversely affects liver, etc.

Organophosphate is an insecticide actually used to kill spider mites from agricultural fields.  Farmers, their families and pets are warned to stay out of a sprayed field for a minimum of forty-eight hours.  So why is this vigorous insecticide in our laundry powder?

Blue #1, Yellow #5, and Red #40 – all coal tar derivatives.


How do we get these chemicals into our system  – we brush our teeth with them, wash our face with them, they are found in our deodorants   They are found in hairspray, perfumes, makeup and cleansers, moisturizers, etc. etc.   We dry clean our clothes in them. .  

Even common soap is made from cattle and pigs (animal fats). The antibiotics, hormones etc.. that are in the animal systems are then transferred into your body system.    In addition, your skin also can get plugged up using these animal fats and cannot get rid of wastes through this system of detoxification – the skin.

The products with chemicals in them are very easily assimilated into the person using them.  Deodorant’s chemicals are very easily to absorb into the lymphatic passages and to your body’s systems.  Aluminum can get into the brain since it can pass the blood brain barrier – and aluminum products researchers say may cause Alzheimer’s.    The more “natural” deodorants have propylene glycol in them and that is a petroleum product found in many products including makeup.


What does the body need to balance its pH?

The acids build up in your system thus causing your body’s pH to be out of balance.  When this occurs, your body will restore its optimal pH by depleting certain minerals, such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, from organs and bones.  You can help your body neutralize acids in the blood and maintain a balanced pH by taking some simple steps liking eating the right foods, exercising and lessening the amount of chemicals you put in your body.

Calcium.   One of the diseases believed to be created by too acid a system is osteoporosis.  Why?  Calcium is needed by the body to balance out the acid and bring about a neutral pH.   Where can the body get calcium.   Well it takes the calcium from the bones and creates the condition of osteoporosis.     The condition can be counteracted by taking calcium.  And that should definitely be taken as a supplement that can be absorbed.  There is a  Wellness Pack that has you basic vitamin & minerals and calcium that help.  Click here for more information on superior vitamin minerals including calcium.

  We also live in a polluted environment.  (See article Pollution)  

Are these poisons responsible for so many diseases?   It does make the body more acid.  What do you think?


What can you do to help your body’s pH: 

We need to use soaps and ingredients that are not full of poisons and  is a powerful combination of natural ingredients that neutralize and remove toxins from the human body.  

The only deodorant we’ve found without these poisons is the “mineral stones” that can be found in the health food stores – they last a long long time as well. 


A poor diet creates a fertile breeding ground for various forms of chronic illness that are now experienced by more than half the population.

If you often feel tired, it’s a safe bet that you are overly acidic. The simple fact is, most people are. You need to counter acidity with alkaline foods as soon as possible.

Eating the proper foods and getting the best nutrients in balance will help you avoid all that – along with the misery and poor quality of life that so often precede death, sometimes by decades.

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